Mac two screens side by side

Wondering how to split your screen on an iMac, or MacBook? Find out the benefits of Mac two screens side by side below.

To multi-task effectively while working from home this useful tip is essential. Maximise screen real-estate with split view on MacOS. Rather than constantly switching between two different apps you can view both simultaneously. Find out how below.

How to Split Screen on a Mac

Firstly, we need to ensure split view is active. To do this, head over to Mission Control;
Apple Menu > System Preferences > Mission Control

Ensure the checkbox adjacent to ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ is ticked.

The quickest method to divide a screen on a Mac is clicking the green button in the top left corner of the window.

To put two windows side-by-side simply click and hold the green button and drag the window either left or right. You should see the screen slightly shrink, ghost and highlight. After that, let go of the mouse. However, to return back to ‘normal desktop mode’ simply click the green button again.

To swap the split screens

If you wish to swap the split screens, simply hold the top (grey) part of one of the windows and drag to the selected position.

To adjust split screen view on a Mac

In addition, a useful tip to note is the ability to adjust the amount of space each split requires.

To adjust, simply hold the tab on the black screen separator and move it left or right. Some applications have set minimum and maximum limits, so they may not move.

If split screen isn’t working

And the above ‘Mission Control’ settings appear to be ok, double-check which version of MacOs you’re running. Split view only works on El Capitan or newer. Apple have an overbiew how to do this on Catalina.

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